Xbox 360

Quote: You may not be able to find an Xbox 360 in the stores, but now you can have the Xbox 360 Suite on your desktop! Created to celebrate the next-generation gaming and entertainment console from Microsoft, the Xbox 360 Suite includes a WindowBlinds skin with four substyles, custom IconPackage and an original wallpapers.

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22 comments op “Xbox 360 Visual Style”

  1. bob said:

    how do I download this?

  2. Thomas said:

    how do i install the style on vista home premium 32bit

  3. John said:

    how do i download this?

  4. faruksemiz said:

    tahnk you

  5. Daler said:

    Thanks for this, a great theme.

    Oh, Bob and John… There’s a link beneath all of the text :S

  6. joe said:

    i do nt gey the theme

  7. POP said:

    NICE 1

  8. Desmond said:

    i click the link but it takes me to some upload jockey thing then im lost what do i do after that?

  9. Desmond said:


  10. Daniel said:

    didnt work correctly on windows home vista 32 bit
    please help:)

  11. Woody said:

    it says theres a virus when i downloaded it

  12. Alex said:

    Well, it works…mostly.
    It gives the background, but unfortunatly, the windows and start bar convert back to XP version.

  13. Jacqui said:

    How the hell do i download this? It takes you to upload jokey, makes you download Zango or some crap and never takes you to the page!

  14. admin said:

    Soz…download link fixed :)

  15. Wallace said:

    How am I suppose to install this?

  16. bren said:

    can i change my theme strait back to normall after

  17. Vinci91 said:


  18. rajesh said:

    best theme

  19. rajesh said:

    i love this theme

  20. bill said:

    how to install this to windows xp sp3? HELP PLEASE :(

  21. midnight said:

    How do I install this theme, admin please help!!!

  22. David said:

    i just installed the foxtab.. what do i do now to get the theme?

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