Vista Stealth X86 X64

This visual style has a smokey gray and black finish with a touch of glass….nicely done.

Download Visual Style

11 comments op “Vista Stealth X86+X64”

  1. AnBu said:

    noob here” will this themes work with windows XP?

  2. AnBu said:

    noob here” will THESE themes work with windows XP?

    XP hehehe

  3. admin said:

    Only with Vista mate :-)

  4. Unidentified said:

    i really dont see the touch of glass in this theme…

  5. jerry said:

    This theme seems to look like windows classic can u help me

  6. randomguy said:

    How do u get it for 64 BIT windows

  7. raman said:

    how can i download this theme

  8. simon said:

    i love this theme but how can i download it?

  9. cash said:

    This does not come out like the preview pics. Its like windows classic and it looks like junk. DELETED!

  10. Liam said:

    uhh when i did it all it didnt really work out right…

  11. Liam said:

    it didnt really work for me i need help…

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