SteelFlash_BETA visual style

This visual style offer a fresh look for your Windows Vista, with many modded images and a total new “glass effect”. Even the taskbar has rounded corners.

Download Here

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  1. amr said:


  2. JAVED said:


  3. Edzinsh said:

    Nice! Thank You!

  4. mai said:

    hi i have a question, the file i have downloaded has an extention name of .rar how can i apply it to my computer, the extension file needed what .themes? what do i need to do? hope you could help me.. pls email me your answer.

  5. admin said:

    You need to extract the rar file first ;)

  6. Pera said:

    Cool, :P Thank You!

  7. Don said:

    I don’t get it. It sets the background to a black screen, the appearance to the old square Windows settings (Aero is apparently disabled) and everything is black and white? Also the borders are huge like 10 pixels or so wide. It looks nothing like the pictures on this site. Is this the intended effect? I had to go back and manually redo all my personal settings for colors and put Aero back.

  8. Mikael said:

    My theme doesnt reflect on the desktop, and i dont no why pleae help me =)

  9. Joe said:

    Same problem as Don. help?

  10. Val said:

    Same as Joe and Don; however, I had saved my personal settings as a theme, so I didn’t lose them.

  11. Ryan said:

    So what about Don’s problem. I am having the same problems.

  12. Hyril said:

    Cool vista skin.

  13. Sam said:

    I have a similar problem when I try to download this file. How can we fix this? Please help!

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