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Just found this set of 20 highly detailed icons by Smashing Magazine. One of the few icon packs I’ve found which can be used for e-business. You can download these icons here.

business icon pack

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These fresh desktop wallpapers with the vibrant colour scheme will be sure to brighten up your desktop. Professionally created using 3dsMAX, Illustrator and Photoshop. You can enjoy the amazing gallery here.

fruity wallpaper
merry-go-round wallpaper
gramaphone wallpaper
windows wallpaper
flowers wallpaper
paint wallpaper

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Ever wanted a MAC OS styled launch bar in Windows? Well, this is probably the best I’ve seen (after Yz Dock was decomissioned). In addition to having shortcuts on your transparent launchbar, you can now also minimize windows into your dock. Pretty nifty. You can download this freeware here.

rocket dock

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Free Launch Bar is a freeware replacement for the standard Quick Launch bar. Free Launch Bar uses the same folder as Quick Launch for shortcuts but with an important improvement. Free Launch Bar allows you to combine your shortcuts into groups. Each folder becomes a popup menu (like having multiple start menus). This is a significant improvement in managing your shortcuts and saves working space on your desktop. You can download this useful tool here.

free launch bar

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Wishing you and your families a happy and safe New Year! To start the year off, here are some galleries with high quality 2012 desktop wallpapers. Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3.

2012 desktop wallpaper
2012 wallpaper
top 2012 wallpapers
another 2012 wallpaper
2012 wallpaper
Euro wallpaper
2012 wallpaper

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Here are some of the most impressive ‘season’ themed wallpaper montages. Just click the image to go to view the full sized wallpaper.

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Here’s a classic screensaver revamped for 32 bit windows. Still amusing to watch even though the graphics aren’t quite cutting edge! Download this blast from the past here.

johnny castaway screensaver

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Watched the movie? If you haven’t I’d highly recommend it – awesome action and soundtrack. Now you can download the high resolution wallpapers from the official website.

real steel

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Mussett have a extensive range of slick, professionally designed icons. These is probably one of the best collections I’ve come across. Download thee icons here.

mussett icons

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Here are some fine high resolution 1600 x 1200 nature desktop wallpapers with a relevant quote from the bible. You can view the full gallery here. Another impressive gallery can be found here.

mountain flowers
water fig

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