The new Windows 8 transformation pack has been released but from my experience its buggy and needs some work. Also, the welcome screen still has the text ‘Consumer preview’. On my first install it locked up my Windows XP system and on reboot the start menu and taskbar went missing. I also noticed the package reset my browser settings so personal addons and extensions were uninstalled and the start up page was replaced with

The whole package is resource intensive and left me less than impressed. But for those of you who can’t wait for bug-fixes which are inevitable in later versions, you can experience the Windows 8 transformation pack for yourself here.

windows 8

Though also a little buggy and resource intensive, I would recommend the more stable but no longer supported Seven Transformation pack. This is still available for download here.
I had trouble with the installation of 3rd party applications and ended up removing all of them. Also, I prefer Vista Switcher to Winflip or the alt-tab alternative included in the transformation pack.

Here are the settings I ended up with:

windows 8 settings
and a screenshot of my desktop:
windows 8 desktop

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Ever wanted a MAC OS styled launch bar in Windows? Well, this is probably the best I’ve seen (after Yz Dock was decomissioned). In addition to having shortcuts on your transparent launchbar, you can now also minimize windows into your dock. Pretty nifty. You can download this freeware here.

rocket dock

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Free Launch Bar is a freeware replacement for the standard Quick Launch bar. Free Launch Bar uses the same folder as Quick Launch for shortcuts but with an important improvement. Free Launch Bar allows you to combine your shortcuts into groups. Each folder becomes a popup menu (like having multiple start menus). This is a significant improvement in managing your shortcuts and saves working space on your desktop. You can download this useful tool here.

free launch bar

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Beautiful, minimalist Vista Visual style (also for Windows 7) that’s polished and easy on the eyes. Check it out here

gaia09 visual style

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One of the best free vista themes I’ve seen – quite soothing with its soft tones, minimalist design and clean edges.
You can download this visual style here.

tunes vista theme

We’re also looking for contributions from readers. So if you have any suggestions for wallpaper packs, screensavers, icon packs etc do let us know!

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We wish you all a very blessed Christmas! Be safe and enjoy this family time as we remember Christ’s birth.

I’ll leave you with a fully feature Christmas theme complete with animated snow, snowglobe clock gadget, holiday calendar and much ,more!

Christmas theme

You can download this free theme here.

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space visual style

What I like about this theme is that it comes in three flavours – plain black suits me just fine though.

Download Here

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shiftie visual style

Impressive blue green executive looking visual style ported from the XP version to Vista just for you :)

Download here

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Hey guys, seems that loads of people are switching from Vista to Windows 7. This has made it harder to find Vista themes, screensavers or desktop wallpapers. So I’m going to need your help. If you do find some outstanding Vista stuff please contact me. Let’s share the love :)

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Simple and clean visual styles with soft colours and lines. I like them all :)

HmmXP Visual Style

Zen Visual Style

Carbon Fibre Visual Style

The designer has a few more minimalist visual styles in his gallery so check them out ;)

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